Great Guitarists

The guitar is an integral component of many musical styles; from blues and country to rock, some guitarists and instrumentalists have defined and contributed to the evolution of each genre of music. These guitar greats have moulded and shaped their particular style and have contributed to the evolution of their music as well as to the success of many vocal artists. The articles will be posted as they are completed. Contributing articles are welcome.


    * Duane Eddy

    * Chet Atkins

    * Lenny Breau

    * Stevie Ray Vaughan

    * T-Bone Walker

    * George Benson

    * Mark Knopfler

    * Roy Buchanan

    * B.B. King

    * Hank B Marvin

    * Herb Ellis

    * Scotty Moore

    * Albert Lee

    * James Burton

    * Howard Roberts

    * Brian Setzer