Going To Eleven: Which Amps Do Musicians Like To Use.

This is an article by The Hub.Musicians Friend for which I was asked to contribute my opinion concerning guitars,amps and pick-ups.

Paul Blissett is a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is involved in many different facets of music, from being a singer/songwriter to a producing to owning a label - PMB Music. Paul developed an interest in instrumental music and the versatility of the guitar at an early age, and has released three instrumental albums, Fire and Soul, Guitar Christmas and Luna.

When it comes to amps, Paul likes tubes - specifically, Fender, Mesa Boogie and Marshall amplifiers.

I have always preferred the tube amplifiers for their clear, crisp and warm reproduction of the guitar tones. I use mainly a Fender Twin amp (2 12 inch speakers) which has plenty of power and gain and produces smooth overdrive. [Fender, Mesa Boogie and Marshall amplifiers] all offer a wide range of high end models and smaller versions ideal for the beginner.

Paul doesn’t use many effects, preferring a clean guitar and amp tone as the basis for his pallet.

All I have in my pedal rack is a tuner, a blues overdrive (which I often use) and a delay (which I rarely use). I usually play the guitar with its natural tone. It is important to note that a guitarist's signature tone and sound is mainly in the hands, and of course the type of amp contributes to that sound.

Paul uses a wide variety of guitars, and each has its own voice. From the single coil sounds of a Fender Stratocaster or a Gretsch Nashville to the humbuckers of his Gretsch Chet Atkins and Country Gentleman, each track will have its own guitar.

Don’t be afraid to use different instruments for different songs in your own sets. The proper sound makes all the difference.

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