Production Credits


Produced by Paul Blissett

Recorded at Sound of One Hand, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Recording Engineer: Michel Legault

Additional Engineer: John Dooher

Mixing Engineer: Michel Legault

Mastering Engineer: Jason Fee

Mastered by Lacquer Channel Mastering,Toronto, Ontario,Canada

Insert Design: Paul Blissett and Julie Robichaud

Insert/CD Production: Healey Music

CD Liner Notes & Web-Site Articles: Paul Blissett

Web Site Development: James Steele

Artist Photography: Studio G.R. Martin



Guitar: Paul Blissett

Saxophones and Flute: Tim Roberts

Trumpet: Don Paterson (tracks 3,4)


Peter Brown (tracks 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,12,15)

Randy Demmon (tracks 3,5,10,11,13,14,16-20)

Keyboards: Randy Demmon

Drums,Percussion: Brian Downey

Rhythm Electric Guitar:

Mike Belanger,Michel Legault,Paul Blissett

Acoustic Guitar: Paul Blissett,Michel Legault (tracks 10,15)

Bass: Cory Shvetz

Double Bass: Ken Kanwisher (tracks 3,20)

Steel Guitar: Al Bragg (tracks 8,10,11,12)

Vocal Group: Voices of Praise Gospel Group of Ottawa

Vocals: Julie Robichaud (tracks 2,13,19)

Guitar solos:

                  Forty Miles of Bad Road: 1st solo; Mike Belanger,                     2nd solo; Paul Blissett

                  Ramrod: 1st solo; Paul Blissett,

                  2nd solo; Mike Belanger

                  Hard Times: 1st solo; Paul Blissett,

                  2nd solo; Mike Belanger

                  Rebel Rouser: 1st solo; Mike Belanger;

                  2nd solo; Paul Blissett

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