Paul Blissett Biography

Guitarist / Instrumentalist / Recording Artist / Songwriter / Producer /

Independent Label Owner (PMB Music)

As a native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I became interested in a wide variety of music at an early age. It was a period when the guitar was already taking centre stage and contributing to the style, shape and evolution of popular music and its artists.

Immersed in the swing and popular standards of my parents and later, rock and roll and the British invasion, I started playing guitar, underage, in some of those infamous Ontario and Quebec clubs of the day at the age of sixteen. As the years progressed, I was a guitarist in a long series of rock, country, blues and popular bands that expanded my skills and knowledge in various genres of music.

Later, I began started forming my own bands and crafting my own musical journeys.

From gigs in the nations clubs and ballrooms to Rideau Hall, the beat goes on.

Although working with vocalists in those bands, there were always a few instrumentals in the set list. I developed an interest in instrumental music and the versatility of the guitar; it was an instrument that could generate the intensity and power of rock, interpret the beautiful melodies of popular songs and reflect the essence of the blues.

Wedged between the music, there were a couple of parallel careers and varied interests in journalism, politics, photography and nature.

Following a career working with numerous bands, I decided to start recording albums of some of the instrumental selections that I played in the earlier years as well as some of my original tunes.

I released the guitar instrumental albums Fire and Soul (2007), Guitar Christmas (2010) and my latest album, Luna, in 2012. Paul is currently in the studio recording his new album, Indigo and we have released the first 5 singles from that album..

My musical tastes are genre defying and expansive in scope. Consequently the tracks range from the classic sounds of country music, the intensity and rhythm of rock and roll, the swing of jazz and the essence of the blues.

The albums continue to log air play with a number of Canadian radio/cable stations as well as internet radio in the U.S. and the U.K.

In addition to radio play, I have licensed tracks from both albums for compilation albums as well as various media applications.